Student Courses

For further details on a course (if available) click the title. If there is a flyer for a course then there will be a "Flyer (PDF)" link to click. Application forms on the Flyers can be printed and posted or copied, pasted and e-mailed to us.

SPONSORSHIP is available to parents where there is financial hardship. Please contact Gabbitas Tomorrow's Achievers (Patricia Morse 0207 734 0161) or The Potential Trust (Anna Comino-James 01844 351666) for more details.

June 2015
5th-7thWeekend Residential CourseBurwell House Study Centre, Burwell, CambridgeshireYears 7-11Flyer (PDF)
6thMasterclassTate Britain Gallery, LondonYears 7-11Flyer (PDF)
6thMasterclassTate Modern Gallery, LondonYears 5/6Flyer (PDF)
7thMasterclassTate Britain Gallery, LondonYears 7-11Flyer (PDF)
13thMasterclassTate Britain Gallery, LondonYears 7-11Flyer (PDF)
13thMasterclassesButtsbury Junior School, Billericay, EssexYears 3-6Flyer (PDF)
14thMasterclassTate Modern Gallery, LondonYears 7-11Flyer (PDF)
14thMasterclassTate Britain Gallery, LondonYears 5/6Flyer (PDF)
20thMasterclassTate Britain Gallery, LondonYears 7-11Flyer (PDF)
21stMasterclassTate Britain Gallery, LondonYears 5/6Flyer (PDF)

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